Ryan Swanson

This is Paul Halpuka

This is Paul Halupka Catalog by Ryan Swanson

On the right is a diagram of popular words (good and bad) used on Paul’s Facebook wall over a three year period.
Curator Jessica Cochran asked 13 emerging and mid-career artists to get to know Paul Halupka in order to create work in dialogue with his identity. Embracing less representational approaches to portraiture in favor of more discursive ones, artists’ projects reflect poetic and relational approaches to the depiction of Paul’s identity through painting, sculpture, video, photography and mixed media installation.
My approach to designing the catalog mirrored the theme of the show. I researched Paul Halupka online, looking through hundreds of Facebook photos, blog posts, and data scattered across various websites that gave a fractured glimpse of who Paul Halupka is. I used that data to generate a series of info-graphics and illustrations that punctuate the curatorial essays.
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