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Kokua Hospitality website design

kokua website design

Kokua is affiliated with The Chartres Lodging Group, LLC. This affiliation with one of the fastest-growing lodging investment concerns in the country, with a $5-billion, 19,000-room portfolio of luxury and upscale hotels, conference centers and resorts in the U.S. and Japan, gives Kokua a unique perspective within the industry and enables the company to offer their clients an investor’s sensibility.
I designed and developed Kokua’s new website with Point B Communications. The design needed to  deliver both the maximum benefit to its clients and partners, and the finest in services to its guests. There is a simplicity in page structure that is clear, direct and corporate while allowing subtle textures to create a warmth that represents Kokua’s stake in the hospitality business. The site is build in Modx and allows the client to update and maintain all aspects of the site including a custom blog.

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